Bobby George


June's Speeds


In the spirit of keeping a journal (following my New Year's resolution), it's important to note that the month of June entirely slipped away. I completely failed to  make any recordings of the films we watched or even the books I read, save two interesting engagements which immediately come to mind.

The first is Epicurus, with whom I spent quite a bit of time. His "Letter to Menoeceus" is rather inspirational. I'm continually motivated by this notion of cultivating a philosophical therapeutics, of thinking about philosophy, not as an abstraction, but as a concrete, practical way to enact procedures for living well.

Here's Epicurus:

"Think about these and related matters day and night, by yourself and in the company with someone like yourself. If you do, you will never experience anxiety, waking or sleeping, but you will live like a god among men. For a human being who lives in the midst of immortal blessings is in no way like mortal man!

Re-reading Epicurus is like revisiting an old friend after so much time has elapsed. You're excited to meet and share what you've learned. You're also eager to learn what they've been up to.

The second discovery I made was into the work of Paul Theroux, through his Figures in a Landscape. A majestic, simple writer, Theroux has a way of describing the world which humbles you to your core. The two pieces that struck me the most were his treatise on Hunter S. Thompson, and this idea that "An addict is helpless, but drug-taking for him was a decisions." and his short piece on Thoreau, offering more life-like context to this seemingly mythical creature.

Bobby George