Bobby George


The Badlands


Strange and magical things happen when you enter The Badlands.

The horizon disappears beneath the weight of the sky as it intersects with the lightness of the land. The sun announces itself with a peculiarity that lies beyond time.


A certain tranquility and uneasiness overwhelms your senses. Immediately transfixed, you find yourself transported to you know not where. Thoughts pervade your thoughts.


As you glimpse the layers, the landscapes lead you on new paths. You imagine other times and other peoples.


You wonder if you too will one day become the color red. Then you switch gears to bath in the green.


The prairie somehow emerges from beneath the clouds, as your eyes navigate the endless expanses, trying to get their bearings. Are those people? Is this now?


Standing where others have stood, you feel the reassurance of time. You also start to tremble with a vertigo that only time can elicit.


Before us lays everything that came before us. The sun casts its shadows. The earth awaits.

Bobby George