Saying Goodbye to the Madmen


It’s funny really, how the Madmen came to be…

The Madmen were birthed in a flurry of late night exchanges, a barrage of passionate emails flung haphazardly across the interwebs. These original conversations were a sight to behold, as if we were collectively jotting down notes to send out an interplanetary message.

The threads were so long and so deep that they hurt your eyeballs just to scroll through them, let alone read, but their passion was undeniable, so pure and heartfelt. You couldn’t hardly look away.

You couldn’t help but be attracted to the madness.

What came out of those initial exchanges was precisely how we started to think and talk about ourselves: a ragtag group of impatient dads and advocates from around the world, united by a common zeal to bring the Montessori method to millions more.

We coalesced around a simple idea: to make Montessori more accessible, more mainstream, and more understood. We wanted to shake things up: to shake up the institutions that were starting to ossify, and to bring a new found awareness and appreciation to Montessori.

We didn’t have articles of incorporation or a governing board of people or documents. We only had the passion of each other and our shared conviction to try to make things better.

Who knows what we may or may not have achieved? Perhaps the message that we conspired to send out into the universe, all these years ago now, is still waiting to be received.

Regardless, it’s finally time for us to say good bye, at least for now. We need a new group of mad people organizing themselves around a shared vision for what the future might look like.

Thank you.

P.S. The Montessori Madmen was a ragtag group formed by passionate fathers - eager to make Montessori more accessible.

Bobby George