Gorilla in a Pink Mask


One of Banksy's early works, "The Gorilla in a Pink Mask", as pictured above, was recently and "unknowingly" a product of emulsification. Of course, that's the word the Guardian chose to describe the affair. We could probably come up with others, but it does a nice job of avoiding some crucial and categorical clarifications.

Basically, the famous gorilla from Bristol was painted over, and essentially destroyed, by the director of the new cultural center, who operates the building. When asked about his actions, he responded: "I thought it was worthless. I didn't know it was valuable. That's why I painted over it."

Needless to say, this raises a number of interesting questions, both on the nature of the "construction" of a work of art, and also, on the 'act of destruction'. What further complicates this interesting story, is that followers and admirers of Banksy are calling the act vandalism.

Update: Philosopher Timothy Morton weighs in here.

Bobby George