Alexandra Pelosi - A New Documentarian


Sometimes you create an encounter. Other times that encounter creates you.

Alexandra Pelosi operates in that non-misanthropic space of complete trust and faith. Not with cynicism and ressentiment, but with joy and spontaneity. She functions in a perspective, not of ambiguity, as one might imagine, but of unabated interest. Which is to say, Alexandra Pelosi is genuinely interested and committed to her subject.

For Alexandra Pelosi, the ultimate condition, or apparatus of the documentary is negentropic in nature. Disorder and randomness, they need to be captured. There is no gradual decline or transformation into the unpredictable. Instead, it's exactly this state of disorganization that is searched for and exposed.

How does Alexandra Pelosi approach the contentious and divisive issue of immigration in "Citizen USA: A 50 State Road Trip?" By approaching it from the other side, by observing and baring witness to the event of naturalization. This is her method: she inspires her viewers to start a conversation, a conversation they might not otherwise have had. Oh, how many conversations I wish to have with Alexandra...

With a media consumed by a nihilistic portrayal of humanity, Pelosi takes the Nietzschean route and affirms the difference in each of us. She's not a naysayer, and she's never heard the "yes" that comes from Nietzsche's donkey. Instead, Alexandra Pelosi has learned how to find her own questions and invent her own "yes". But, don't be lulled by her insouciance. There's nothing typical about Alexandra Pelosi. She's a rare and precious beauty, one we're lucky to celebrate on July 4th, 2011 as "Citizen USA" premieres.

Bobby George