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A Special Time in New York


New York is quickly becoming one of our favorite destinations.

Sneaking away for a few days to celebrate my birthday, we had the most magical of times. New York was just starting to get cold, and we were darting into new and familiar places to keep warm. 


One of our favorite humans, who also happens to be our editor, invited us to her home for dinner. What an absolutely lovely evening it was, meeting her family and immersing ourselves into our life - if, but for a moment.

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Unbeknownst to her, it was my birthday, which I made June promise not to share. It was a condition of us actually going! Of course, June couldn't help herself and spilled the beans. 


The following day we had the opportunity to meet up with Cecily and Meagan at Phaidon. I can't tell you how much I enjoy our collaboration with these very special people.


The post would be remiss if we didn't mention June's haircut, a bowl of ramen, and a promise never to stay at the same hotel again.

Bobby George