Bobby George


Ground Zero


Ground Zero was more emotional than I expected. It was like a special place reserved, no, carefully and seemingly deliberately set aside, for collecting all the tears, and all the anger and feelings of injustice in the world, and engulfing them in a giant effort to muster the courage needed to breath again. Or, to breath differently. 

Those empty, reflective pools, and the contemplative nature of the skyline were just majestic. And yet, somehow ominously poignant. It was as if the {absent/present} space was paying tribute to the nature of {memory/forgetting}, but also courageously signaling building beyond such dichotomies.

You could feel, in a really positive, productive, meaningful way, the vision of Daniel Libeskind. After all, he describes architecture as provoking a dialogue. "It’s part of, you know, science but it’s also part of astronomy, its part of poetry, literature, philosophy, history."

Bobby George