Writing Projects

My current philosophical work is centered on two primary areas of emphasis, areas that could be roughly characterized by aesthetics and pedagogy. I'm also extremely interested to construct an aesthetic appreciation of education, one that recognizes the full import of thinking life beyond the human condition. 

I plan to write three books this year: 1.) A beginner's guide to the Montessori approach to education. 2.) An affirmative text on the work of Arakawa and Gins. 3.)A philosophical account of Maria Montessori.

I also have a number of articles in preparation: 1. The Infantalization of Children (2013) 2. Pedagogical aesthetics in Sloterdik. (2013) 3. Bernard Steiger on Caring for Educating. (2013) 4. Foucault on the care of the self. (2014) 5. Going On: New Geography, Gertrude Stein (2014) 7. The Earth in Abbas Kiarastami. (2014) 8. Imagination in Education: Painting a Life. (2015)

Bobby George