Old Bangkok


Population of 68,000,000, Thailand is known throughout the world as the land of smiles and freedom. Bountiful, depleted, excessive, exuberant, there's a strange seesawing of exotic desires and repressions. 

At the suggestion of a hero of mine, we took a canal trip through the old Bangkok, the "Bangkok before it became a megacity", where the houses are on stilts and the river laps against the weathered doorsteps. 


The sun is not as imprudent as one would imagine, although the skyline seems to fade behind the roars of the taxis and tuk tuks. This photo was taken from the opposite shore of the Temple of Dawn.

There is a peacefulness and tranquility to the east, one that is not lost in the hustle and bustle of the street vendors and the traffic. Calm, even in unrest, Bangkok comes alive each night anew, beckoning...

Bobby George